Thursday, April 10, 2008

Strangling Your Husband Is Not An Option

I suppose I'd have to recommend this book because I'm dying to talk about it with someone. This book is a quick read. She writes in a very quirky style with lots of question marks and parentheses (hey...a kindred spirit). This book really should just be titled, "How to be a good wife" but admittedly, the title she chose is more catchy. Many of her points are well taken and I'm going to sincerely try to adopt some of them into my own behavior. However, some of her suggestions have a hint of self-promotion to them and she also fails to mention some rather important parts of being a wife (in my humble opinion). Nevertheless, it definitely can't hurt your marriage to read this and it would be fun to discuss. It had a bit of an old-school feel to it in the fact that it suggests you always have your hands and your face as attractive as possible since they are always showing. Basically, have manicured nails and always wear your lip gloss! As much as I mock it, though, I'm sure most husbands would appreciate the effort. Can I wear lip gloss, have rice cereal in my hair and it still count?

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