Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Otherwise Engaged

Two women, best friends since junior high, find themselves unhappy in their different thirty-five year old lives. Jessie, an unlucky-in-love journalist, with a lack of inspiration, living in Manhatten, wonders if her best friend, Erin, who runs a bed and breakfast in New Mexico with her husband of fifteen years and teenage daughter, has the better life after all. Erin, who married young and gave up her dream of being a famous chef in New York wonders the same thing when her marriage implodes from the pressure of being in business together with different goals and expectations in life. The two women decide to switch places for six months. Jessie gets great material for her articles and Erin gets a chance to try her hand in the competitive food business while her husband takes a break and moves out. The teenage daughter is unbelievably mature and stable enough to handle all of this, of course.

Throw in some environmentalism (Navajo water conservation issues), unbelievably tidy endings and characters with no depth and a very forgettable book is the result.

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