Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hero Worship

I am blushing. This was completely mindless, effortless reading. Do NOT interpret that into enjoyable. I don’t know why I kept reading it. It was surprisingly clever, for a romance novel. Alexandra (Andi for short), teaches English at a high school and is a hopeless romantic but can’t find a guy that matches up to her ideals. While reading a period romance novel, supposedly written in the same era as Jane Austen, she finds a wishing stone that just happened to come with the rare edition book. She doesn’t believe in magic but wishes that she could find a guy like Nathaniel, the hero of the book she’s reading. Plop – she finds herself in the story!

Kind of clever but the story that followed was just too dumb to like. If this woman really wanted a guy like Mr. Darcy (who I think this Nathaniel dude was supposed to be like), then she could have acted a bit more classy herself. And the cover? Mortifying.

Why in the world did I just write two (and now three!) paragraphs about this? I am deeply blushing now.

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