Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shopaholic and Baby

I spent my Sunday lazily reading the first offering (to me) in what Kelly A. at Cookies and Milk and Yellow Balloons started as sort of a blogging book club (I admit it wasn't my most spiritual endeavor ever). She sent it to Carlo and darling Carlo sent it to me. I'm ready to keep the tradition going. Be on the lookout.

I love Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood). I am nothing like her, none of my friends are anything like her and I would never want to be her. Nevertheless, I find her delightful when she isn't driving me bonkers with her misguided and ill-thought out decisions. Being something of a baby gear junkie myself, I enjoyed the glimpse of what a shopaholic experiences in the unique shopping world of all things baby. The options and complications of buying a stroller (pram) had me softly chuckling to myself as I thought of my own four stroller sitting in my garage and my desire for a different, fancier and wonderfullyl new Peg Perego. When this obviously ridiculous shopper ended up with five strollers and I compared that to what I would have, I had to take a serious look inward. I'm totally fine with what I have. And if I'm not, then I at least have to get rid of a few first!

While I was relieved that her days of overdrafts and letters of explanation to credit card companies are over, I found her newest worry about a possible unfaithful husband to be more stressful than I like in fancy-free chick lit. I've never enjoyed Luke's character and his poor communication skills and tendency to dismiss Becky's eccentricity (although, really...how could you blame him. I would have tuned out long ago, too) and found the possibility of his dalliance with Becky's celebrity OB/GYN and former flame not only plausible but likely.

Happily, the giggles returned as Becky makes her way to confront her doctor/nemesis at the hospital and fakes going into labor in order to get some face time only to find her complete support team (husband, mother, best friend, sister, aromatherapist etc.) at the hospital ready to go. She really can come up with the most outrageous things on the spot (i.e. being a Scientologist and believing in silent labor as the reason she wasn't displaying any signs of distress) and all ends well as all shopaholic books should.

Thanks Carlo and Kelly A. I had a great day!

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