Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I found this book while researching books on Good Reads. Marilynne Robinson is the author of Gilead, which is a very popular book among readers this season, and just to be that much different (I know... I'm such a stand-out), I read her previous novel, which came as highly recommended.

I can see why book lovers like her. She vividly details each scene. Suddenly, a page is full of the texture of the bedspread and the lighting in the room and the placement of the shoes on a certain side of the bed. But said with such description that you imagine it perfectly.

These are the sorts of things the word lover enjoys. But...alas...I am not so much of a word lover. A word liker, yes. I want my sentences written correctly and a book well constructed, but I'm not going to search out every word and "ah" at a sentence's end because it was pretty.

Ultimately, this book didn't have enough of the stuff I enjoy, mainly a moving story with good character. If I have to describe the story, I'd say it's vaguely specific. So many "why"s and "how"s ignored but so much detail described in other parts. It has a romantic, almost foggy feel. But that might just be because that's what the cover looks like and it stuck with me.

Lastly, I felt the author was too hung up on tying in her title throughout the story. Like, she had the title very early on and kept using it, in all its varieties, so that the reader could feel like the story had a purpose. I'd give examples...but there are too many. It isn't that subtle.

I know there are some of you who love the words. You'd probably love this book. But it wasn't one of my favorites.

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