Tuesday, April 15, 2008

At First Sight

I had to read fifty pages of this before I realized it was a sequel to a book I had already read (True Believer). I knew I knew these characters but the story was unfamiliar to me. It's one of those moments where you think your memory is failing you. Had I already read it or not? Turns out, no...but I didn't really need to read this either.

A very boring but realistic sequel about what happens after the oft written about love-at-first-sight-happily-ever-after story, there isn't much noteworthy about the book until the end, when Nicholas Sparks pulls one of his didn't-see-it-coming rugs out from under you. His endings tend to make up for the rest of his stories (which is a rare thing in fiction) and I admit to feeling intense emotion at the end. But, truthfully, I felt a little manipulated by the whole thing. Quit tugging on my heartstrings, Nick! And write a better book!

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