Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Next Big Thing

Jennifer Weiner promised on the cover that if you like reality T.V. and stories about weight issues, this book wouldn’t disappoint. Liar!

Kat, an overweight, friendly girl is involved in an online romance with Nick, a guy in England who is totally involved in the fashion world and models. She’s convinced it’s love but has never been honest with him about her size. In fact, when he asked, she said she was like a size four, which he said he approved of. Anything above a size eight was too fat for him! Clearly, they have a great, mature relationship that the reader is totally invested in and rooting for.

Kat finds about a new reality T.V. show called Fat 2 Fabulous (think biggest loser) and gets accepted as a contestant. Now she can lose all her weight, meet Nick and live happily ever after. This is when the story turns really sour as the dialogue between contestants is cheesy and the clichés pop up everywhere. Nick surprises her on the show and turns into a man she never knew (shocker) and when it’s all over, the host of the show (I kept imagining Phil from the Amazing Race although he was only in his twenties so….) calls her up and is totally interested in her. I’m all for rooting for the big girl, but. . . let’s keep it real, ladies.

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