Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happiness Sold Separately

This is not a cheerful book. It's not all out depressing but these are not happy people. The title derives from one of the characters' observations about her neighborhood. She lives in Silicon Valley and among very succesful people. The homes and yards are nice but do not make her happy. That is not an available upgrade. The two main characters are struggling with infertility and then infidelity. Mostly a character driven book, the author attempts to portray a tangled situation without a clear protaganist. Everyone is flawed but also someone you might root for. But their choices! Such poor, poor choices after such bad luck.

This is the author's second novel. Her first, Good Grief, I really enjoyed. This isn't as good. I like the writing but there are definitely better tragedies out there. Save yourself the angst.

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